Frenetic covers every stage of the development of your product, from magnetics design to mass production. We achieve the best price while complying with all certifications, such as AEC-Q200. With a wide variety of materials in stock, our advanced magnetics lab can deliver samples in a very short time.

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Frenetic Online Simulator

Easily simulate high frequency magnetics online from your converter's waveforms,

select your optimum solution and get your samples directly through the platform.

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Magnetic Simulator

Our designs begin simulating the waveforms of your system. You can upload a CSV file with the real waveforms of your converter, improving the accuracy of the calculations.

Frenetic's AI-models propounds core shapes and winding strategies based on the waveforms of your converter. It also allows creating your custom solution.

Frenetic's technology combines real analysis with trained AI models to deliver the most accurate predictions for temperature, leakage and RAC properties, among others.

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Reference Design

Reference Design

See our Reference Designs for further guidance and use them as templates in Frenetic Online.

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Reference Design

In-house laboratory


With an advanced magnetic laboratory, Frenetic tests the magnetics under real operating conditions. Frenetic does not only test but also manufactures samples that have been designed to meet AECQ-200, MIL-STD and other standards.

Sample Design

AI Based


Online Software

Online Software

Frenetic solves the process with technology, allowing users to manage their magnetics in a single place with consistent quality in the online platform.

AI Prediction Models

AI Prediction Models

Our work on AI modelling is focused on the range of applicability of each model. Our solution corrects classical models with real data and uses AI to generate results in a few seconds.

Fastest Simulation Time

Fastest Simulation Time

Frenetic is capable of delivering accurate solutions based on the specifications given in seconds and allowing iterations on the parameters with instant outputs.

Advanced Magnetic Lab

Advanced Magnetic Lab

In our Magnetic Lab, we carry out tests to improve the performance of the magnetics and the accuracy of our models.

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