How do you calculate the temperature rise? 

Hi there! I have been using the simulator for a couple of weeks, but still don't get this. Could someone help me?

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DrMolina says:

Sure! Have you tried to use the chat?

Published: 9 months ago

Hi there, I believe I have the answer for your question :)

The temperature is predicted by a complex thermal model that creates a thermally equivalent electrical circuit, with the different parts of the core and every winding layer as nodes and their losses as heat sources. This circuit is solved on real-time and the temperatures used to recalculate the losses again, until the process converges or the temperature goes higher than the Curie temperature after a few iterations, in which case the last calculated solution is given as a reference to the user to be improved, but meaning the design will burn.

If the temperature converges it provides the temperature of each of these nodes, but only the maximum is shown in the GUI for simplicity and usability

Hope it helps!

Published: 9 months ago