Methods to calculate magnetic flux density

Hi! How do you calculate or what models are you using to obtain the Magnetic Flux Density? Is it accurate?

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Frenetic says:

Hello Junekhel,

For the magnetic flux density, only analytical models are used at the present: 
From the inputs and the magnetizing inductance, we calculate the waveform of the magnetizing current. From the specs of the core and the gap we calculate the reluctance of the core and the effective area of the magnetic flux path. The reluctance is calculated taking into account the permeability of the core calculated at the working temperature and current, and it considers the fringing flux effect of the gap(s) as well. The effective area is taken from the manufacturer datasheet.
The, with the reluctance, effective area, and the number of turns we calculate the waveform of the magnetic flux density. 

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Published: 7 months ago