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Good morning! I have taken the free trial of the application and it seems quite cool, I am not an expert about designing magnetics so I do not quite understand what is the difference between the “FF” in the core screen and the “F. Factor” in the winding screen. Can anyone help me? I show it in the images.

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Frenetic says:

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"FF" refers to the Fringing factor, which is the amount of volume that is increased in the gap due to Fringing effects. On the other hand, "F. Factor" refers to the filling factor, which gives a percentage value about how much space of the bobbin is occupied by the windings. 

If you have any other question please let us know.

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Published: 2 weeks ago
alexro says:

I don't really understand the meaning of fringing factor, how does it affect?

Published: 1 week ago
Frenetic says:


In a magnetic with an air gap there is a magnetic flux that is forced to flow through that space.
The volume of medium outside of the gap, but immediately next to it represents similar cross-sectional area with the same lower permeability, so its effective reluctance is similar to that of the gap. Therefore, the magnetic flux is shared between the air gap in the core and the neighboring volume outside of the core.

As a result, fringing effect lowers reluctance of the magnetic path and thus increases inductance of the winding made on such a gapped magnetic core.

The Fringing Factor is the variation of that volume. In the end, as almost all the reluctance of the core is due to the gap, which generally implies that the inductance increases without having to put more turns or a larger core, but it is not necessarily good it may produce losses.

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Published: 1 week ago
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