Winding Losses Calculation

Is winding loss based on finite element method or other method? How does this tool evaluate winding’s Rac, especially the solid, copper foil and gap influence on them?

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Frenetic says:

Hello Sergio, 

We don't use Finite Element Methods, instead we use analytical models at every harmonic. The tool does a Fourier analysis of the user's waveforms, and for each harmonic it calculates the H field in the winding window for each layer. With this H field the losses due to the induced current of the proximity effect are calculated, along the frequency-dependent skin effect losses. a mix of Wojda's and Albach's model are used in this process.
Once we have the losses of each turn of each layer of ech harmonic, we put them together to get the total losses, and from it we calculate the AC resistance that would give the same losses for the circulating RMS current.
For the gap influence we use Roshen's method to calcualte the H field on each layer, and from it the losses.

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Published: 7 months ago