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Hello everyone! 

I am Alejandro and I am finishing my degree in Electronic Communications Engineering in Madrid and the part I like the most is power electronics. I have been looking to do a Master in Power Electronics for the 22/23 course but the options that I have seen in Spain do not convince me at all. I was thinking of doing one in Europe, because I also think that I think I could have more opportunities after finishing the master to find a good job on this. The area in which I would like to work the most are space or automotive. 

I have seen, for example, at the University of Brno in the Czech Republic they have a Master's Program in Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics and it seems very interesting to me, but I haven’t seen anything else. 

Could someone recommend me some other master's program in Europe? 

Thank you all very much in advance! 

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chandras9 says:

Hi Alejandro,

I can not give you an accurate answer cause I have only studied in one college hahaha but I can suggest some European universities that, from my pov, have great level in electronics and have master's programs that might be of your interest.

DTU (Denmark):

CEI UPM (Madrid):


I would also suggest you to contact old students of these universities.  

Good luck!!

Published: 1 week ago
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alexro says:

Thank you very much Chandras! I was considering seriously those universities, but finally I chose Brno university of Technology. Finger crossed! 



Published: 3 days ago
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