How did you get into science?

Hello everyone! I am curious to know: how did you become interested in science? Did you make a career out of it? I am still a student (master in power electronics) and I grew up in a household with no references, but in my case it was a high school teacher the one that made me realise I wanted to go on studying this. I could not simply have imagined myself doing this when I was a kid!

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AlfVII says:

Science got into me when I was 5-6 years old and tried to fix a plug in the wall

Published: 9 months ago

Nice thread, I actually got "the bug" when I was helping my grandad in his workshop. He was a welder and loved to try new things, which was a nice example for me, I guess.

I am not a welder now, but I work in software and like to learn about magnetics in my free time.

Published: 9 months ago
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BogdNazar says:

I have always liked mechanics a lot and it has been more than 30 years since I finished my studies as an engineer, it is not an interesting story but I think I was born with the interest in technology.

Published: 9 months ago
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