Online courses about Magnetics?

Hello! I have enjoyed this one . Any more ideas? Youtube channels, whatever. I am not a power engineer, I have a background in electrical engineering, now working as a software developer. I may try to switch to engineering full time in the future, but I need updating.


Thanks in advance,

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Lindoso82 says:

Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but this channel helped me a lot when I was starting:

I like it because it's very practical. Can I ask, how long have you been working in software? I think it's a field that changes so quick, if you could keep up the pace you can also update yourself to work in engineering. Good luck!

Published: 1 month ago
romolu says:

Hello! I always have used "Udemy", a platform like Coursera with many courses and I thinks they can have a lot of information about magnetics of your interest.

Published: 1 month ago
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AThomas says:

I also always use Udemy to take courses, there is a course about everything you want!

Published: 1 month ago
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