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I like youtube a lot, I think it's so much better than books and the like. I follow professor Sam Ben-Yaakov, I am so glad I found his videos, they are so claryfiying and I think it's amazing that you can find quality content in a few clicks. Do you follow anyone on Youtube? Is there a video so useful you keep recommeding it? Ideas PLEASE

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I am subscribed to Haseeb electronics: I like it because it's very practically oriented, I like it better than the diagrams and graphs, hahaha

Published: 9 months ago
AThomas says:


I discovered "katkimshow" searching videos about power electronics. She works at National Taiwan University as electrical engineering professor and I really like how she explains and treats the different topics in a simple way. She has many videos, I hope you can find something of your interest in her channel.

This is the link

Published: 9 months ago