AC-DC switch mode power supply where to find transformers

I am looking everywhere for transformers capable of providing more than 60W of power, but as much as I look for one (something cheap, less than $10), I cannot. In digikey the most he could find were transformers that provide a maximum of 10W. 

My goal is to find one that will handle up to 15A and 12V secondary, can take the 300V DC that I would be using for the flyback input, could someone please tell me where I can find one? 

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chandras9 says:

Hello granxdean,

I think you will need to custom order fitting to the application desired because usually for more than 20 watts aprox. transformers are not avaliable as drop-in. Maybe you can ask Frenetic, they manufacture too.

Best regards.

Published: 5 months ago
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