Capacitance on arrangement 

Hi everyone,

I am currently on the designing process of a transformer for an LLC converter.  

I have already designed a prototipe which complys with the leakage and magnetizing inductances requirements of the tank. However when I introduce the transformer on the converter, the resonant frequency is located far way from expected. 

After some investigations I have realized that it is produced due to the winding capacitance on my transformer.  

The question is, is there any way of reducing this intrawinding capacitance by changing the winding arrangemnet? I do not want to modify the current design that I have and instead I would prefer to just modify the winding so this capacitance is reduced. 

Also, take in consideration that the series inductance is integrated in the transformer through its leakage, so either increasing or reducing its value would cause troubles.  

Any idea is welcome, thanks in advance! 

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DrMolina says:

Yes, you can but capacitance and Leakage are related. It's very difficult (maybe imposible) to modify one, keeping the other fixed.

Which value range are you talking about?

Published: 1 month ago
BogdNazar says:

Hi Sr. thank you for your answer. I think I have come up with a solution. I modified the wound technique to match this “bank” wound technique as I read in the paper below.

Very interesting, it reduced the capacitance to move the resonance out of the operation point. However, I might require to iterate on the design a bit more, the leakage has been slightly modified on my configuration. I will have to test it on the tank to see how it behaves.


More information about the document for whom it is interested.


Investigation of Transformer Winding Architectures for High Voltage (2.5 kV) Capacitor Charging and Discharging Applications

Thummala, Prasanth; Schneider, Henrik; Zhang, Zhe; Andersen, Michael A. E.


Published: 1 month ago
Do you want to simulate
the design?