Different Design Methods

Hello colleagues from the world of magnetics!

I profess a big interest in what are the different paradigms that people use in the magnetic design process. What I want to understand is what are the different perspectives from which it is possible to approach the magnetic design process and how these paradigms change as the general knowledge of the designers increases.

In the last publications I introduced some methodologies, such as the Area product methodology and Kg methodology, but these are just a few of many approaches that can be used to properly design a magnetic.

So I want to ask you what is the process you follow in order to complete a design, have you established a direction or methodology which guides you from some inputs to a final design, such as the Area Product methodology? Or do you design more "freely" by taking some parameters that ensure some specifications and you adjust the system until finding a combination that ensures all the requested needs? Maybe you have a personal way? I would like to know how you approach the magnetic design process.

Thank you all!


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