Help with cross reference ferrite materials

Hi everyone! My name is Stefan. I am currently working on an small company dedicated to the designing and comercialization of charging devices 

I am right know designing a tranformer for a 65 W flyback converter and I have some questions regarding the usage of ferrite materials.  

Nowadays there is a big problem with the shortage and I have been exploring the possibility to use similar materials from others than our trusted ferrite core manufacturer. I have found the following link on internet: . 

The fact is that I am not so sure if this other manufactures will provide with the same performance and I would like to know if it is much of a difference in performance between similar materials of manufacturers such as Ferroxcube or TDK with others less known such as TDG, COSMO… 

If someone would share its experience with some of this materials/manufacturers, and if its usage is suitable for big comercial projects, I would be very thankful!!  

PD: Very very interesting this idea of this magnetic’s forum. I am curious to see if it would have acceptance, but if so, I think that the magnetics community will earn a lot from this.  

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Marcos says:

Hi Stefan,

Cross-reference between ferrite materials is not straightforward to understand. The information available on different manufacturer websites is confusing and sometimes not very accurate. Indeed, I spoke about it last year at APEC.

There is no worse or better material than another, they are simply ... different. The best way to know if you can use one material over another is to first see if the core shape is available in that material. Once this is done, you have to go to each of the datasheets and compare the key parameters:

  • Saturation
  • Permeability over temperature
  • Power loss curve
  • ...

Probably the most interesting parameter is the power loss curve. You can find a lot of charts with different scales and values (Frequency vs Flux Density vs Temperature). If you have a specific operation point, you can check it in the chart that you want. 

I hope this can help you.

See you!

Published: 1 week ago
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