How to reduce proximity loss in LLC converter


I design a LLC converter for converting 50V to 5V but due to the losses, the efficiency is very low.
I have tried to find the source of the problem and the losses occur in the transformer. I've changed the transformer winding and it improves efficiency to 80% from 75%. So that confirms that dissipation is on transformer. I am using an EFD25 3F45 at 600kHz and i have selected 3 turns in the primary and 1,1 in the secondary (is centre tapped). The power dissipated is 25W.
How can I reduce the losses?

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Hello! Which wire are you using? Litz? This way you are going to reduce skin effect. Are you using an integrated transformer? other way leackage inductance would probably be too significant there.

Could you please show your winding structure??

Published: 8 months ago