How does hysteresis affect and how is it calculated? As much as I search for information, I do not understand, do you work with that?

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chandras9 says:

Hysteresis is caused by magnetic friction in the core. Is a relationship between the flux density (B) and the intensity of the magnetic field(H), and is also determined by the characteristics of the material of the nucleus.  Ferromagnetic materials when subjected to an external magnetic field remain magnetized. 

The curve between flow density and field intensity is nonlinear and shows saturation, and when the magnetic field intensity H is increased, the magnetic flux density B also increases. 

The shape and size of the hysteresis loop depend on the properties of the ferromagnetic material and the magnitude of the applied field H.
The area enclosed by the hysteresis loop represents the energy required to take the material through the hysteresis cycle producing heat.

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