PFC choke core material

Hey guys, an electrical engineering intern here.

Im trying to make a passive PFC choke (basically just an inductor with an inductance of >=3mH, which doesn't saturate at~ 5 Arms). It doesn't seem like there are any inductors on Digikey (where I've been searching) that meet this spec. The higher the inductance becomes, the less the saturation current is.

I want to make my own, but I don't know how to choose a material for the core. I was thinking iron powder. Does anyone have any recommendations from experience or for literature that I could look into?

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Hey Ivan,


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I would say ferrite, thats what I use for PFC. For 5A several similar inductors can be connected in series-parallel. In these, the inductance decreases with current. Anyway I recommend you to consult manufacturer’s datasheet, so you can run calculations with especific materials. 

Published: 6 months ago