Rac measurement

Hi! Here Erkan,

I have a project to create some documentation for some magnetics. I ‘ve been reading a lot around the topic and it seems to be some controversy around on how to properly measure the Rac.  

I would like to use this forum to ask the community what are the methods that are used to measure the Rac resistance, or some good research sources of it and open some conversations about it. 

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Magneto says:

Hello Erkan! To calculate AC resistance you have several methods, Dowel method, Perry, Bennet, and Larson method, Ferreira method (which has two versions) and Reatti and Kazimierczuk method. 

The conclusion reached by the experts is that, comparing the different methods of calculating it, they are all quite precise in certain frequency ranges and for certain windings. 

There is only one method that is most accurate in calculating the AC resistance from DC to the inductor first resonant frequency independently from the inductor winding composition and is the second equation of Ferreira:



Published: 5 days ago
erkansari says:

i've been searching that forms but i didn't found too much. Where did you obtain that one? 

Published: 3 days ago
Do you want to simulate
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