Understanding HF transformers

Hey! This forum is perfect I have so many doubts!

Can someone please help me understand high frequency transformers application and use?

When I look at all the posts for inverters/boost converters someone always suggests "just use a high frequency transformer". What is the difference between a normal power transformers and a high frequency transformer? Do I have to use different inputs for each transformer? 

If i want to use a 200W at 110AC boost converter how can I use a high frequency transformer?

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flynnt says:

HF transformers have lots of uses as antennas, amplifiers, radiofrequence systems, solar converters... and now the uses are increasing with all the new possibilities such as electrical vehicles chargers, new energy systems.

High frequency transformers are smaller and lighter, so they need fewer turns on winding. Also they have a ferrite core instead of laminated iron, used on the "normal" ones as you said (both are normal).

When working with wires with little strands it increases the skin effect, a problem at high frequencies, so its better to use them.


Published: 8 months ago