Customized REF-XDPL8105CDM10V XDP, do I need a custom transformer?

Hello everyone, it is really nice to see this magnetic forum.

I am working on this Infineon reference design REF-XDPL8105CDM10V XDP: 

However, I have customized it for an specific application and basically I need an alternative transformer to this one 750343265.

The fact, I want to ask if someone with experience in similar processes what can I do. I need to increase the turns ratio n1/n2 so more current will flow through secondary wires. Also I have reduced the frequency, just a little bit, and I am afraid to reach saturation on the core.

Not only for this specific case but in general, how do you modify this kind of things? Is it possible to use some standard design like the one on the document or will I need to create my own custom design?

Thank you!

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