TIDA-00951 Missing Components

Hi everyone my name is Adrian. I am currently doing the TIDA-00951 board as it is shown in the Texas Instruments Reference Design. However I can not find any of these transformers in the market, Mouser, Farnell, Digikey:  


T1 1 750343383R01 Wurth Elektronics TRANSFORMER, 4.5uH, 10%, THRU-8P

T2 1 750343382R02 Wurth Elektronics TRANSFORMER, 45uH, THRU-20P

T3 1 xx mH FIS1xx Coilcaft Transformer, Current Sense 0.591 x 0.693 inch

T4 1 38uH 750343341 Wurth Elektronik Transformer, 50 uH, SMT 11.31x9.14m


Please can someone help me? Are there other alternatives, also is this something normal? This is the first referenced board design I do and I am having a bad time trying to get these components that seem to be discontinued.  

Than you! 

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Unfortunately, TIDA-00951(texas instruments) was made 4 years ago, and TI do not have these components now. However, regardless of that, I recommend that you use a customized transformer that suits your needs, as similar as possible to those that are included in the documentation

Published: 8 months ago
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