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Flyback - LM2585

Flyback transformer optimized for Texas Instruments LM2585 SIMPLE SWITCHER®. Optimized to work at: Vin: 4-6 V, Vout: 5 V, Iout1(MAX): 1 A.

Created by Frenetic


Magnetic Type Transformer
Topology Flyback
Simulation FR-FL0010321
Core RM7/I
Core Material 3C94
Winding Arrangement PS
Turns Ratio 1
Magnetizing inductance 46.7 uH
Leakage inductance 1 uH
Primary DC Resistance 78 mΩ
Seconday DC Resistance 92.2 mΩ
Simulation Document Pdf of the physical parts of the design Download SimulationDownload Simulation
Maxwell File FEM file of the design Download MaxwellDownload Maxwell
Steps File 3D file of the design Download StepsDownload Steps