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400V/12V 1.2 kW PSFB - SELENIO

SELENIO is a high frequency transformer optimized for a 1.2 kW 400V/12V Phase-Shift-Full-Bridge converter. It can operate in a wide input-output voltage range (260-430V/7-16V) with an optimum switching frequency of 100 kHz.

Created by Frenetic


Magnetic Type Transformer
Topology Full Bridge
Simulation SELENIO
Core E42/21/20
Core Material 3C95
Winding Arrangement SPPS
Turns Ratio 20
Magnetizing inductance 2000 uH
Leakage inductance 14 uH
Primary DC Resistance 26.34 mΩ
Seconday DC Resistance 0.24 mΩ
Simulation Document Pdf of the physical parts of the design Download SimulationDownload Simulation