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PFC 400 W - Bravo

The PFC is a very common topology as AC/DC stage in most of consumer electronics or Electric Vehicles. The most common circuit configuration is the boost type. The PFC boost inductor is critical in the power density of the whole system, because it could be the bottle-neck component in terms of height. A few years ago, a company was designing a PFC using the reference design from ST, AN2755 and checking the inductor described in the document. In order to improve their performance, Frenetic has designed an improved version of this component, providing the whole design by free to everyone. Frenetic’s inductor Bravo, is a design based on classic technologies of round wire and ferrite material. With an inductance of 508 uH is a perfect solution for your PFC up to 500 W. The number of layers is one of the key parameters for keeping low losses. If you are a Frenetic user, you could use this design as template.

Created by Frenetic


Magnetic Type Inductor
Topology PFC
Simulation Bravo PFC
Core PQ32/30
Core Material 3C92
Winding Arrangement PPPPPP
Turns Ratio -
Magnetizing inductance 508 uH
Leakage inductance -
Primary DC Resistance 126 mΩ
Seconday DC Resistance -
Simulation Document Pdf of the physical parts of the design Download SimulationDownload Simulation
Steps File 3D file of the design Download StepsDownload Steps