Boost your expertise in High Frequency Magnetics

Empower your team with the only platform where you can collaborate, customize and simulate your magnetics. Receive your samples in less than four weeks and improve your power converter efficiency.

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Increase the efficiency of your Power Converters

Save time and costs by iterating in software using our fast waveform generator and advanced losses models based on AI technology. Design, get samples and connect with Frenetic verified manufacturers in our end-to-end platform.

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How can I benefit from Frenetic Expertise?

We have been working on complex magnetic projects for over 5 years and have acquired an extensive expertise in High Frequency magnetics for different industries and applications. Our job is to now convey this knowledge. We have a platform with a simulator that can help you with your calculations and we also offer training sessions so you can delve into our platform and the Power electronics industry.

How will my team receive this expertise?

Throughout the project you will have video calls with our Power Electronics experts. Additionally, we have prepared weekly “knowledge pills” and webinars tackling specialized topics. Our Customer Success team will make sure you get the most out of our platform. We are continuously gaining new knowledge and our aim is to share everything we learn. All our services include specialized training sessions.

Does Frenetic offer a simulator in which I can design and test my magnetics?

Of course. We have built a magnetic simulator with a one-of-a-kind design experience, based on our expertise. The key is to focus on the details when the key phases of the magnetic design take place. This way, all our users have a wide range of customization options along with the accuracy that Frenetic AI offers.

The final design step is an overview page where users can receive a detailed description of their magnetic, share it with their team and check that it is ready for manufacturing.


How can my team benefit from an online cloud-based solution?

You’ll rid yourself of the need to download and set up of the tool, always having it accessible from any browser and you will be able to share and manage your designs easily with other team members. You’ll have a repository of your work which you will be able to access it from anywhere. All of this without losing control of your projects’ security: you decide who can access them and who can’t.

What are the advantages of being part of the Frenetic community?

Frenetic regularly post content on Youtube, Linkedin or in our newsletter. Sign up to be updated about our events and challenges: you can win prizes AND grow your professional network at the same time.

How does the software offer the magnetics data sheets?

You will have a data sheet available from any device. This document is printable so you can have a physical copy. There you will have all the data about your magnetic design you can use to jump right into production simply and efficiently.


Can I get samples?

Yes, you can order samples from different manufacturers through Frenetic. We have our trusted network of contacts we have built up throughout the years. We do not require a minimum order and your design will be verified by one of our engineers. This way, you won’t run into any surprises before manufacturing begins. We can find the perfect manufacturer for your specs and we can have the sample delivered wherever you need.

Does Frenetic offer custom magnetics ready to use?

Yes, we offer a library with selected reference designs. They’ve been chosen based on demand and you can order them whenever and wherever you want.

Our library’s magnetics can be tested in the simulator using our platform, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

How is the verification process to make sure my design is doable?

You can ask for a verification once you finish your design in the platform. If everything is OK we will greenlight it, and if not we will give you different options to order a sample or manufacture your components.

Library: find what you need


A magnetics catalogue where you can find no custom solutions, with the possibility of simulating and verifying before buying. We have designs from the best experts and manufacturers like Würth Elektronik. This library is constantly growing with new items.