Planar Transformer Design of 600 W

Magnetic components are the current bottleneck for improving the power density in power conversion. For that reason, in SPC we have created Frenetic. Frenetic is able to provide a functional design without iterations needed in less than a week.

This document presents a Frenetic design that could replace the transformer and resonant inductor components used in the application note “Design of a 600 W HB LLC Converter using 600 V CoolMOS P6” of INFINEON, with the aim of showing the capabilities of the optimization procedure performed by Frenetic.



Comparative Results with the Infineon app note Magnetic Components


Planar Transformer design of 600 w


Design comparison



Frenetic Temperature Prediction


Planar Transformer Design of 600 w Temeperature Prediction


Experimental results


The planar transformer was tested under full load conditions for 20 minutes, the time that it required to reach a thermal steady state with 84 ºC. It can be therefore concluded that the design proposed by Frenetic could have an outstanding performance in the referred application.


Infineon App note Design vs Frenetic's Design


Infineon App Note vs Frenetic

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